New baseball season

The YMCA Miracle League season is in full swing (pun intended), and Namine is glad to be back.

Last month, the Miracle League had its spring training, but tonight was the start of the game season. (I believe last week was supposed to be the start, but they got rained out.) Namine greatly enjoyed herself.

At the turn of the inning, Namine came in to the dugout to get herself a glove. She put it on, and then tried to wheel out again. It proved difficult.

I expected her to take the glove off again, as she’s done in the past. Instead, she put her left hand on her lap, and just wheeled out with her right hand. Of course her wheelchair started to veer to the left, so she course-corrected by leaning and shimmying her hips, just like her coach taught her to do in basketball.

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