Variety picnic

Namine had a wonderful time at the annual Variety charity picnic.

Hey, didn’t we just go to a picnic? Why yes, gentle reader, yes we did. Last weekend, it was with Marcus Theaters; this weekend, it with Variety, the children’s charity. The two are closely intertwined in our minds, since Marcus sponsors many of Variety’s events. It was also their charity event at which we spoke last month.

For a few years, Variety postponed their picnic due to Covid. They started it back up last year, and we were thrilled to attend once again. We couldn’t wait to come back this year! Namine was most excited about the fishing.

At the park, they have a boardwalk where kids can catch and release. Namine was initially hesitant to have anything to do with actually handling any fish, but she warmed up to it. She fished for about an hour; by the end of it, the only thing she didn’t do was remove the hook. (I still did that.)

After Namine had had her fill of fishing, we grabbed a couple sandwiches and sat outside at a picnic table. It was too nice not to! We were joined by one of the Variety directors (pictured at the top of this post) and chatted for a while.

The picnic had started winding down. Most people had left, but before we did, Namine wanted to see if there was still any face painting going on. We headed over to the tent, but it was empty except for a gaggle of children painting each other. At this late hour, the paints were apparently unsupervised. That worked for me: I grabbed some brushes and painted a dragon on Namine’s arm and the Variety logo on her face.

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