Nerf war

I was invited to my very first Nerf war!

Yesterday, Jessica and I hosted a family game day for her sisters and their spouses. Her sister Ann and her husband Pete told us about a Nerf war they were going to have, and that they were short a person. I showed them my collection of Nerf guns, and they said I should definitely come.

The location for the Nerf battle was on a farm. Namine’s cousin takes horse riding lessons, and it was the owners’ property on which we had our fight. It was quite the large property, too. There was hilly terrain, trees to provide cover, and long grass in which to hide. On that note, while most people came in camouflage (I had to borrow a jacket), one person came in a full ghillie suit that was perfect for laying prone in the grass to take people out. Which he did.

I’ve always thought my collection was decent. I have a pretty wide array of revolver-style guns, a few magazine-fed ones, and one battery-operated semi-automatic pistol. This was all put to shame by some of the guns the other participants brought. But, as they said, the more the merrier! My collection may have been smaller, but some of my guns definitely saw some use. (I do have my eye on some beefier items for future Nerf battles.)

The rules of engagement were pretty simple. We divided into two teams, and the goal was to “protect the VIP.” One person on each team was designated the VIP, and if they got shot, the round was over. Everyone else could revive, provided they went back and touched one of two respawn points. There were also two team-neutral “medics” who could revive a dead player.

My team won the first round; the other team won the second. Rather than have a third round in the same format, we decided instead to do a “sudden death” round: there were no medics, and once a player was hit, they were out until the round was over. We won the final round, and were awarded for our efforts with medals all around. The team captain was also given a trophy.

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