Indoor Easter egg hunt

It was too cold to go outside, so this year Namine and her cousin hunted for Easter eggs inside.

My brother-in-law and I always hide the eggs, but we put a little twist on it this year. Since Easter Sunday landed on April Fool’s Day, we hid some empty eggs, too. There was less room to work with — as opposed to having the entire yard — so there were more eggs in a more compact space. (We limited the hunt to the basement, since Namine can’t climb stairs very quickly.)

There was one hiding spot in particular I was happy with. Some of the “eggs” were in the shape of Darth Vader’s head, which well matched the Star Wars decorations my brother-in-law has in his basement. They were also just the right color to hide in plain sight alongside the Nerf guns, too.

The girls had a blast on their Easter egg hunt. Since it was just the two of them this year, they each brought in quite a haul.

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