Tie-dye Easter eggs

We tried a new way to dye Easter eggs.

Jessica read about a different way to make colorful eggs. You need food coloring, vinegar, paper towels, and (of course) hard-boiled eggs.

First, fill a large-ish bowl with vinegar. (My spell checker is telling me that “large-ish” is not a word, but I disagree.)

Next, take a strip of paper towel. (We buy the kind with perforations at what would otherwise be half sheets, and honestly, I think any more than half a sheet would be overkill.) Soak it in vinegar, then gently wring it out.

Then take an egg and wrap it in the vinegar-soaked (but not dripping) paper towel. Drip colors on the paper towel however you like. When you’re satisfied with the pattern (or colorful chaos, really, do whatever you want), set it aside. I suggest putting it back into its carton, so it won’t roll away.

When the paper towels have dried, peel them off the eggs.

Disclaimer: don’t assume this will be cleaner than any other method of dyeing eggs. You will get messy. When that happens, you can use dish soap (hand soap doesn’t work as well) to get the dye off your hands. Or wear rubber gloves or something, but where’s the fun in that?

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