Basketball and other non-basketball games

I love watching Namine play.

There were more kids at this weekend’s basketball practice. While they did scrimmage, my favorite part this week was the non-basketball parts.

One of the games they play most, when not practicing or scrimmaging, is “sharks and minnows.” They also played freeze tag two different ways: first when you can be tagged by teammates to be unfrozen, and then with a limit of two per unfreezing. (Playing the first way, an endgame was nigh impossible.)

When Namine plays basketball — either in a scrimmage or in a tournament — she is more reserved. She’s getting more aggressive, and she’s definitely improving her defense, but she tends to get a little lost among everyone else moving on the court.

In playing sharks and minnows or freeze tag, though, she (and whomever else is being targeted by the person who’s “it”) is singled out. It’s a little more high-pressure, and it inspires a little more energy. Namine isn’t the fastest on the court (she’s one of the smallest kids out there), but when she wants to, she can move. I love seeing that high energy, because with Namine, it’s almost always accompanied by squeals and laughter. (You’ll pardon the blurry photos, but she is moving fast.)

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