Easter at home

Happy Easter from the Eiche family! ✝️?

This isn’t the Easter we imagined when we started planning with family months ago, but I have to say that it was more relaxed and we enjoyed it immensely. Under normal circumstances, we’d have gone to church, then to both Jessica’s sister’s house and my parents’. Due to the quarantine, we didn’t have to rush to church; we got up when we wanted, and watched church on our own time.

⛪ Easter service

When you attend church virtually, it can be tempting to watch in your pajamas. That’s what Namine wanted to do, but Jessica and I feel that getting properly dressed seems to set boundaries in one’s mind, helping to mentally prepare for a church service.

Namine is an inquisitive child. We encourage this, and welcome her many questions. Unfortunately, it’s not always the time or place for questions — like in church, in the middle of a sermon. When we’re watching church from home, however, we can pause the service to explain anything Namine isn’t clear on.

? Egg hunt

After church, we locked Namine in the bathroom (I’m kidding) so we could hide the eggs for her Easter egg hunt. She was staying in her wheelchair, so we kept the eggs around waist-level so she could reach them. On the other hand, because she was in her wheelchair, we were able to hide eggs all over the apartment: in the living room, kitchen, dining room, and even our bedrooms.

We left out Namine’s room, because we left an extra surprise on Namine’s bed. ?

We didn’t specifically have an Easter egg hunt in mind when we rearranged the living room and Namine’s room; we just wanted to make the apartment more accessible for Namine’s wheelchair to get around. It certainly worked out well, since Namine was able to find all 24 of the eggs we hid! She even found the one in our room. (Darn! ?)

After Namine had found all her eggs, we told her there was one more thing. We hadn’t hidden any eggs in her room for a reason…

Of course, Namine then had to open all her eggs to see what kind of candy she got. (Spoiler: it’s chocolate. ?)

? Making Easter lupper

We had fully intended to have lunch ready at lunch time, but you know how these things go sometimes. We had lunch at more like an in-between lunch and dinner meal. In our minds, this was not a bad thing. We had the freedom of doing everything on our own time, after all.

Namine helped Jessica make the deviled eggs while I made lemon pudding for dessert. Jessica and I finished up the rest of the meal: rib roast, mashed potatoes, asparagus, and some black and green olives to top everything off. We even made Hollandaise sauce!

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