Easter with cousins

Namine and her cousins had a great time on an Easter egg hunt!

As is tradition, we visited Jessica’s sister for Easter. Two of Namine’s cousins were there as well, which gave the girls ample time to play and catch up with each other.

Gift baskets

Each of the girls got an Easter basket with your typical fare like chocolate, assorted candy (jelly beans, licorice, that kind of thing), and coins — some were chocolate, while some were real currency. They each also got a stuffed animal. Namine got a llama.

Egg hunt

In years past, Easter Sunday has varied from being cold, wet, and rainy to being so hot that the chocolate in the eggs melted before the kids could even collect all of them. That was not the case this year — the day was nice enough that the girls were able to have an Easter egg hunt outside.

The eggs were scattered all over the front yard, which is quite large. It’s also on a hill, which can be challenging for Namine to climb back up. Her younger cousin noticed this and was nice enough to bring the eggs from further down the hill back up to Namine.

As a joke, we put a piece of broccoli inside one of the plastic eggs. Namine was not amused.

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