I love Nerf guns. I always have. It’s been a lifelong obsession of mine to get whatever latest crazy Nerf gun that has come out, whether I am going to use it a lot or not. (Hint: not.)

Fortunately, I have a daughter to whom I seem to have passed on that obsession. She insisted that we move the Nerf guns from the living room to her room, so we put them in the closet. Well, she didn’t care for that, so she moved them into an empty basket by her My Little Pony toys.

The little basket ended up being too small for the guns, so she fit them in – handles down, barrels pointed out – like a bouquet. A bouquet of Nerf doom that awaited any adult foolish enough to enter Namine’s room.


Namine knows the rules of using the Nerf guns – only to point them at objects and not people (especially the newer ones, those have an even bigger punch to them), and never the TV.

But aside from the simple fact that Nerf guns are fun is an added benefit: cocking them is a good workout for her little arms. Most of Namine’s strength comes from her core – having to move herself by scooting – but some of the guns are difficult for her to cock back before firing. At least, they were. She’s gotten better over the past few days.


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