Cleaning and independence

We cleaned the apartment over the weekend. It’s been quite a while since we cleaned – heck, since we had time to clean – the apartment, but very nearly top to bottom, we did it. All three of us. Namine did her part, too.

In fact, Namine is doing so much more since she’s been given the okay from her cardiologist. She’s able to get herself dressed quite a bit now – not completely by herself yet, but her shirt, pants, socks, and even her shoes – she does most of the work.

Namine doesn’t understand the denominations of currency yet, but she understands that it’s used to buy things. To that end, we have started giving her an allowance in exchange for chores. Things that she does already (if not without some prodding from her parents), like picking up her room and putting her dirty laundry in her basket.

And vacuuming, too. That’s right, she can use the vacuum. I apologize for the poor quality of the video, though. For reasons unknown, the camera decided to record in the low, low resolution of 160×120.

Tasked with cleaning her room, Namine asked me if she could keep the Nerf guns right next to her dollhouse. I said sure, why not? Of course, she couldn’t put them away without playing with them first.

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