Come again, some other… never. Yeah, let’s go with never. Namine’s pediatrician called us; the culture they took last week on her MRSA infection – or what was left of it – came back negative. This is great news, a step toward getting her taken off contact isolation status.

As you’ll recall, the complications that arose after having heart surgery were ultimately the result of a MRSA infection inside the incision. Long story short, the doctors ended up reopening the wound in order to clean it out. Namine’s chest incision is finally closed up completely once again, and as evidenced by the culture results, no infection, either.

Of course, this isn’t the end of it. Several cultures must still be taken – the first of which is next week Friday [EDIT: the first culture was back when Namine had her brief stint with the wound vac; this result is the second; the third is next Friday] – in order to determine that the infection is gone and not just dormant. We still have some road ahead of us on this one, but that’s okay. We’re not in a hurry. [EDIT: boy, did I screw this one up. We only have one more – next week Friday – and then Namine is officially off contact isolation status.]

But while I’m on the topic of Namine’s health, I want to mention the pulmonary appointment she had a while ago. She’s had a standing prescription of two puffs of her inhaler, twice a day, for a while now. But the pulmonologist said that Namine’s lungs sound so good that she dropped her prescription to one puff, twice a day.

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