Independence: a recap

Namine prides herself on her independence, as any child does.

Namine’s height and inability to reach things are a frequent frustration, but there are ways around certain limitations. Some things we can help with, like giving her a sink and towel rack on the floor.

We also gutted her closest of all its hangers, replacing them with a shelving unit that Namine can reach. She’s responsible for putting her own clothes away, and while her room is a near-constant mess (as any child’s is), she’s pretty good about keeping her clothes in their place.

Some things, though, are up to Namine herself. It was quite a struggle for her to get to the point where she could get herself up onto the toilet on her own. Even so, she still needs the help of the stool we keep in the bathroom for her.

Conquering that, though, was a huge confidence booster — so much so, in fact, that she wanted to tackle climbing into the tub next. She took to it, you’ll pardon the pun, like a fish to water.

But some things, like the light switch, will stay out of reach. And unlike the replacement doorknobs, I don’t think the apartment manager would be willing to rewire the electricity for a Namine-reachable switch. To that end, we got her one of those claw grabby things. (Is there an actual name for them?) Having added this to her independence toolbox, Namine is more pleased with herself than ever.