I want to share a little bit of Namine’s imagination.

Namine made up a game to play in the car. I don’t remember when she first came up with it, but it’s been a part of our road trips for a long time. The game is called “Take Care of Pets” (sometimes lengthened to “Take Care of Pets at the Pet Store”).

The rules are simple:

  1. You enter the name of the animal you want for a pet on your imaginary computer. Sometimes your computer needs fixing or upgrading, so Namine will give you a new one.
  2. You hold up your umbrella so you don’t get rained on by invisible pets and water.
  3. When it’s done raining, you watch for your pet in a parachute.
  4. You catch your pet.
  5. You take care of your pet! (Feed it, talk to it, etc.)

Unfortunately, as Jessica found out, sometimes the animal you want is not the animal you get.

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