Thanksgiving bulletin board

We’ve updated our bulletin board in a timely manner, for once. :)

Now that Halloween is over, we updated our bulletin board for Thanksgiving. We had meant to do it over the weekend, but between cleaning the apartment and taking naps (naps are important), we simply didn’t have enough time. So we did it last night after supper.

We made a rough plan of how we wanted the board to look. We didn’t have any turkeys as small as we wanted — three of those large ones wouldn’t fit — but two would do nicely. We laid down orange (or is it yellow? Being colorblind, I don’t really know) for the sky, and brown for the ground.

Namine and Jessica laid down the turkeys, and I stapled them down.

We didn’t just put pre-made decorations on, though. We cut out some hats and other shapes from leftover bits of paper to fit our picture. I also drew a setting sun behind a flock of birds.

Here are some close-ups of our Thanksgiving board.

You might notice that the turkey on the right has a wing, but no feathers. That’s because she’s a “thankfulness turkey” (and Namine has also informed us that it’s a girl) — every night we add a feather, having written on it what we’re thankful for.

We asked Namine what she was thankful for. She thought a moment, then said “Bailey.” It surprised me, because I don’t think she’s seen my sister-in-law’s dog in quite some time. So I wrote on our first feather:

And on the back, the three of us named all pets we’ve loved, most of which we’ve now lost. It was a bittersweet exercise, but not without its value.

Then, having put the thankfulness turkey’s first feather on, Jessica hung up the board. (We had taken special care to make sure it was right side up this time.)

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  1. Lisa Lightner Avatar
    Lisa Lightner

    Ah, so ahead of the curve, we haven’t even started to think about Turkey Day yet.

  2. Jolene Philo Avatar
    Jolene Philo

    Love the Thanksgiving board. Would you like to come decorate at my house, too? Thanks for adding this to’s Tuesday link up.

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