Valentine’s Day bulletin board

Over the weekend, we took apart our Thanksgiving bulletin board. Now it’s a Valentine’s Day board.

We didn’t mean to skip doing a Christmas board, but the month kind of got away from us. Oh well. All you can do is move on, right?

Jessica and I had picked up a bunch of Valentine’s crafty kind of things in the dollar section of a Joann Fabrics, so we had quite a selection of materials to choose from.

We settled on a kind of checkerboard layout, using three different light patterns.

We had some extra fuzzy pipe cleaners. We used those to make the border. Then Jessica used one to make a fuzzy heart, and she stuck it in one corner. I followed her lead and put mine in the opposite corner.

We had three hearts with a kind of swirly pattern — two red, for Jessica and myself, and one pink, for Namine. We set about decorating them, starting with googly eyes, of course. You can’t have Valentine’s Day decorations without googly eyes.

Jessica and I shaped pipe cleaners (fuzzy, but not so fuzzy as our board’s border) into glasses for our own heart selves. Namine proclaimed proudly that she didn’t have glasses (not since her eye doctor determined that she didn’t need them), so she stuck some heart stickers on her heart’s face, declaring them to be face paint. (Let it never be said that Namine is not a fan of face paint.)

Next to go on were the arms and legs, all made out of pipe cleaner. I shaped mine and Jessica’s into little four-fingered hands (which, I think, didn’t turn out too badly). Namine asked me to shape hers into little mittens, because it’s cold. (Jessica and Namine prefer to stay out of it as much as possible, preferably while wrapping themselves up in numerous blankets. I, on the other hand, go out running in it.)

Once the three of us were finished decorating our hearts, I unceremoniously stapled their heads to the board. (The glue stick has in the past proven to be unreliable at best.)

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