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Our Thanksgiving

Both Jessica and I are introverts. We are more comfortable with a small number of close friends, we don’t like parties or loud noise (for my part, except for music – but usually with headphones on or by myself in the car), and we treasure our alone-time. Namine exhibits many of the same qualities.

Giving thanks

Currently on this Thanksgiving Day, my two loves are napping. We all ate a lot at Jessica’s sister’s house, and are sufficiently full. I can’t nap – I get a migraine if I do. (As it is, I wake up every day with a headache. But enough of that. You’re here to read about Namine,…


Well I forgot to post last night, so I am doing it today. Paul and I went to go see Namine yesterday. I was finally feeling better, but not today. We got her dressed up in her baby’s first Thanksgiving day outfit, well half of it. She is getting so big that she actually fit…


Yesterday Paul went after work to see Namine and she was back on the vent. She had a couple of times where she destated and so for her best interest they put her back on the vent. One of the doctors said that they may have been rushing her and they don’t want to do…