Android accessibility

My brother and I both have red-green color blindness. If there’s one thing I’ve noticed, it’s that there’s not much support out there for people who are colorblind.

First impressions

Namine and I started reading a new book last night. This one is for school, and since it’s a little too advanced for her reading level, I’m reading it to her. It’s about Claude Monet.

Taco night

A couple nights ago, we had taco night. When I got home from work, Namine was still doing her schoolwork. They’d gotten kind of a late start, so I started to brown the meat for tacos. I would have preferred fish tacos, but this meat needed to be used before it went bad.

Trip to the mall

We have a prescription for Namine’s glasses. We get our glasses at the VisionWorks in the mall, so it made sense to get Namine’s there, too. We also just so happened to have one a free train ride, so we decided to make a day of it.


Sometimes Namine gives us reason to believe she’s colorbind. It’s hard to tell, though, because sometimes she likes to goof around and tell us the wrong color of things, just to be silly.

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