Walking stronger

Namine impressed us in therapy today.

When Namine has walked in past therapy sessions, she’s tended to drag the walker behind her. She’d take a couple steps — right, left, stop — but she wouldn’t have pulled the walker alongside her. It trailed behind, and she’d have to take the extra time and energy to pull it back up to herself.

This time, Namine did not do that. This time, she carried the walker along with her as she walked. This allowed her to walk faster, since she needed to expend neither the extra time nor the energy to being her walker up to herself — having carried it along, it was already there.

At the point that Jessica took this video, Namine had already walked flawlessly across the room. She was tiring by this point, but despite taking a couple rests, she still picked herself up quickly enough. Then she was on her way again.

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