Contrary to how the saying goes, Namine has nothing close to contempt for her palatal prosthetic. Quite the opposite – she’s willing to put it in, and is doing quite well with the every-other-day plan prescribed by the speech pathologist.

The palatal lift prosthetic holds no fear any longer.
The palatal lift prosthetic holds no fear any longer.

For a long time, or so it seemed to us, Namine threw up every time I or Jessica put her prosthetic in. It didn’t seem to be something she could control; her gag reflex would trigger and hello cookies. Then something changed. I don’t know when it happened, exactly, and I don’t really know why, either. I suspect it was a combination of our getting used to putting the prosthetic in and Namine getting used to having it put in. We were no longer nervous, and she no longer dreaded it. It isn’t anything to fear, anymore. It’s just routine.


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