Holiday folk fair

We brought Namine’s cousin with us to the International Folk Fair!

We love the Holiday Folk Fair International. Though we don’t always have the opportunity to go each year, it is a cherished tradition. In fact, it was at the folk fair that Jessica and I bought our first ornament together.

Namine’s cousin is spending the weekend with us, so we brought her with us for her first time at the fair. We had a lot of fun choosing different foods to try. We got a pretty wide variety: Mexican, East African, German, Czech, Irish, and Chinese. Namine wanted to try escargot, but the French food station only had crepes.

While we were eating, Jessica looked at the brochure and program we’d picked up when we arrived. She saw that one of the groups performing was Paddygrass, a Celtic bluegrass band fronted by Derek, a friend and former co-worker of mine. Many years ago, Derek and his band hosted a tribute and fundraiser for Namine to help offset our many medical costs. We made note of when Derek’s band was playing so we could come back.

After we had eaten — possibly a little too much, but no regrets because it was all delicious — we walked around to look at the crafts and ornaments. At one of the Japanese booths, a lady was assisting people in making their own origami. Jessica helped the girls; it looked pretty difficult to me!

When the girls had finished making their origami cranes, we headed over to the stage where Paddygrass was playing. It has been too long since Jessica and I had had the chance to see them play.

After we watched Derek and his band, we headed back over to the merchandise booths. Jessica and I picked out some new ornaments, including a translucent glass heart.

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