Local bowling

We checked out a local bowling alley and found them accessible.

I don’t think we’ve been bowling since Namine finished up with her junior league before we moved. Since Namine’s cousin is still staying with us for their (almost) week of camp, we were looking for something to do in the evening. The girls outvoted us for Pizza Ranch, but on a whim — just because we saw the sign on the way — we all decided that bowling might be more fun.

We pulled into the parking lot and I went inside. There were no steps inside the building, and there was indeed a ramp down to the bowling area. Upon inquiring, I found that they did have a little block ramp for wheelchair users to get up the single step to the lane. With all requirements fulfilled — and confirming that it was open bowling — I got us a lane and shoes before going back out to the car to get everyone else.

If there was one downside, it was that there was not a lot of space for Namine to turn around in her chair. This was especially true for the placement of the little block ramp for Namine to get up to bowl.

Rather than have me move the block ramp each time it was her turn — which I was perfectly willing to do — Namine just decided to “off-road” it. She’s been particularly insistent on her independence wherever possible, of which this is just one example. That little ramp is pretty steep, but she managed that just fine, too.

With Namine having far outgrown her wheelchair — and us still waiting for the new one — she can’t hold the ball in her lap as she has in the past. It used to be that just her left leg (the one whose knee cannot bend) stuck out past her seat cushion, but now (actually it’s been this way for a while) both legs stick out.

Since Namine couldn’t carry the ball out to the lane, her cousin helped her by doing so. It was sweet to see this gesture of love and teamwork.

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