Today we took Namine bowling. We’ve played with her bowling set at Aunt CR’s house before, but this was her first time at a bowling alley. Fortunately for us, the alley had a wheelchair ramp and a special slide to make it easy for someone in a wheelchair to send the ball down the lane.

When I looked up at the scoreboard before we started, I sighed. How many times did Jessica spell Namine’s name for the guy behind the counter? I thought. Oh well. Namine had a blast. Sometimes it’s hard – especially with her limited capabilities in recovering from heart surgery, to say nothing of some places’ lack of accessibility (I’m looking at you, Panera Bread) – but not this time. The bowling alley accommodated us nicely, and we all had a wonderful time.

After we were done bowling, we went to Yo Mama! for frozen yogurt. It was delicious.

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