We heard from one of Namine’s doctors yesterday. He called to inform us a bit about her right shoulder, which we recently discovered is not bad because of multiple line placements, but rather because of a birth defect.

The long and short of it is that Namine’s right scapula (shoulder blade) is not a single bone. Instead, it exists in two pieces. Namine’s doctor doesn’t have a name for this defect; neither he nor the special needs doctor seem to be familiar with this occurrence at all, to say nothing of being able to name it.

That said, the doctor doesn’t want to do anything any time soon. Namine has lived more than five years with her shoulder the way it is, and he sees no immediate reason to change that. We’ll meet him in clinic at some point to further discuss things.

Namine lost over seven pounds after the Fontan, but she’s started to get some of that back. She had her five-year checkup yesterday, and she’s two pounds up from when she left the hospital.

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