Jessica’s bowling birthday

Namine was in her wheelchair, ready to go. “Be ready to leave in a half hour,” I told Jessica.

Namine and I had decided we should celebrate Jessica’s birthday by going bowling. I had already spoken to someone at the bowling alley, and they were more than willing to provide a ramp for Namine.

Before we could go to the bowling alley, though, we wanted to pick up a cake. Jessica had told me that she wanted a chocolate cake, but she had given no further details on what kind of chocolate cake. So, like any good husband would do, I let my child decide on the best kind of cake to get.

“We should get a chocolate ice cream cake.”

Well, I couldn’t argue with that, could I? No, of course not. So our first stop was to Dairy Queen, to pick out a cake. We decided on a vanilla and chocolate ice cream cake, with rainbow frosting and yellow frosting trim. Namine originally picked out a sheet cake the size of our dining room table, but as I needed to fit the thing into our freezer later, I advised her to pick something smaller. It was just the three of us, after all.

After getting our cake, we headed to the bowling alley. I’d already made arrangements with them to store the cake in their freezer, so it was a small matter to give them the cake before heading back home to pick up Jessica. She was the birthday girl, and it wouldn’t do for her to miss her own party.

We love to go bowling. Neither Jessica nor I have ever been all that good at bowling, but that’s not the point. It’s fun for the whole family, as they say, and best enjoyed in a non-competitive manner.

But competitive or not, Namine still beat Jessica.

After our game of bowling, we sat down for a lovely lunch of cake. It was still so frozen, though — even after sitting out during our game — that we had to take turns hacking away at it.

We eventually did get the thing cut up enough to serve ourselves some cake.

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