Namine had a lot of fun bowling with the Miracle League again.

Bowling is every Wednesday for a while now, which Namine looks forward to each week. The alley where we bowl is one of those places that’s mostly accessible, which while better than nothing is still sometimes frustrating.

There is a ramp at the far end, which we like. This makes it super easy for Namine to get to the lane, but there’s a curb-sized step between the lane and the sitting area. This means that she has to either go back up the ramp or wait up against the wall.

That one minor frustration aside, though, Namine enjoys herself very much. Starting out, she threw the ball herself — and she is working hard on making sure she’s throwing straight.

The bowling alley does have ramps for children who can’t for whatever reason throw the ball. We knew from experience last week that Namine’s arm might get tired — and she knew for other reasons not to use her right arm too much — so we made sure she knew she had access to one of those ramps, should she want one. About halfway through the game, she decided to use one.

Since the ramps were shared between children, they were moved between the lanes. I’d place one in front of Namine, but she would often adjust it before putting a ball on it and pushing it down. Since this is bumper bowling, she loved setting up ricochet shots. It was easier to do this with the ramp than when she threw the ball herself.

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