Improving bowling aim

Namine has been steadily improving her freehand throws in bowling.

A few weeks ago, Namine joined a junior bowling league at our local bowling alley. We’ve bowled there before plenty of times, and even had a birthday party there. They’ve always been more than accommodating to Namine’s wheelchair in providing a ramp both for getting up to bowl and for rolling the ball down the lane.

When it comes to the bowling ramp, Namine hasn’t been using it as much lately. She said she wouldn’t improve her throw if she didn’t practice, so she’s been throwing the ball until her arm hurts. (Even then, we have to remind her to use the ramp. The girl is nothing if not determined.)

The ramp she has been using doesn’t really offer much choice. There’s a step between the lounge area and the bowling floor, so Namine either has to use a ramp or get some help in getting up and down.

The ramp is short, which means it’s steep. That’s a problem in its own right, but Namine has been practicing getting up and down by herself. For most of our time at the last league game, I had been giving her a slight boost at the ramp. She surprised me when she said, “Don’t help me, I can do it myself.”

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