Vacation postponed

I’m sorry to say that we’re all sick, so we can’t go on vacation.

I had mentioned in passing that we wouldn’t be in town next week. We had planned on taking a vacation with my aunt, but things took a turn differently than expected. Namine came down with a pretty nasty double ear infection, with a side of sinus infection to boot.

We thought that Namine would have been better by now, but her cough only seems to be getting worse, despite having medication. To complicate things even further, now Jessica and I have also caught whatever she has. (And I am particularly prone to ear infections, which is no treat.)

The upshot of all of this is that we’re too sick to travel, much less fly. Doing that with an ear infection is just asking for trouble — the doctor we saw in Urgent Care indicated that it could lead to a ruptured ear drum. Namine has enough concerns without that!

We’re hoping to take our week-long vacation soon, but there’s no telling right now as to when that could be. On the bright side, we’ll be home for Halloween, so maybe Namine will get to go as a zombie after all. ?

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