We had a wonderful time with my side of the family for Thanksgiving!

The holidays are usually pretty hectic. Since we have a hefty amount of driving to see either side of our families, we usually end up splitting the day between both sides. This year’s Thanksgiving, however, saw us only spending time with my side. (We were supposed to have started construction on our remodeled bathroom, but that’s a story for another post.) That simplified things a bit, since we not only travel but also like to bring some food.

And speaking of food, we ran out of room in the refrigerator, and we weren’t even bringing the turkey)! It is cold, though, so we used the ol’ Wisconsin spare fridge. That’s the patio.

We arrived at my mom’s house with our homemade cranberry sauce, cornbread stuffing, green bean casserole, and cornbread casserole. There’s a funny story about that, actually.

My mom asked us to make the cornbread stuffing, which was surprising to us because it was the first time ever that she did so. While we were making food, Jessica and I decided to also make cornbread casserole because it’s delicious and we wanted it.

As we were eating, my mom said how glad she was that she had asked us to bring the cornbread casserole. Jessica and I looked at each other, and back at the family group texts about holiday meal prep. Sure enough, Mom did ask for the stuffing, not the casserole. But we had still brought the thing my mom actually wanted by random chance!

For a while, it was just the three of us and my parents. Not long after, though, my sister and her husband arrived. They were splitting the day between both families — as we sometimes end up doing — and had just left his parents’ house.

With everyone present*, we sat down to eat. Namine informed my sister of the wonder that is the turkey’s giblets, as the latter had never tried them. We split them evenly between the three of us, which was nice so we all got to have some, but also unfortunate because both Namine and I wanted the turkey’s heart all to ourselves. (No, we didn’t want to split it. I wanted the entire heart, and so did Namine.)

After we’d all had our fill, we played some games. We had brought quite a fair few, as did my sister. First, we played one of ours: “Horror Movie Trivia.” It would not have been fair to the other team if both my sister and I were on the same team, and everyone there felt it necessary to say so. (No lies detected.) I’m proud to say that Namine did really well, and in fact has corrected me on more than one occasion as questions pertained to John Carpenter’s The Thing (her absolute favorite movie).

The other game we played — and played we did until far later than we’d planned to stay, with our long drive home — was “Poetry for Neanderthals,” brought by my sister. The three of us had never played it before, but we had a blast and we left convinced to buy it for ourselves.

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