Both Jessica and I are introverts. We are more comfortable with a small number of close friends, we don’t like parties or loud noise (for my part, except for music – but usually with headphones on or by myself in the car), and we treasure our alone-time. Namine exhibits many of the same qualities.

Namine is content to spend long amounts of time by herself. If I try to play with her when she’s in “alone mode,” she will tell me, quite bluntly, “Can you please just go away, Daddy? I want to play by myself.” At least she’s polite about it.

We were at my mother-in-law’s house for Thanksgiving yesterday, and Namine wanted to play. Not with me – we had played catch before eating lunch, and now she wanted nothing to do with me – but her cousin Olivia. Olivia didn’t want to play, though (at least not yet), but this didn’t phase Namine at all. So she got out her huge Batman coloring book and started drawing goatees on the characters. I asked her why, and she said “Because the Joker needs a mustache.” Sure. Okay, why not.

We went over to my parents’ house before going home, during which time Namine got to pet my sister’s guinea pig, MPH. (The name stands for Mr. Pumbaa Hagrid, because I don’t know.)

I made the mistake of holding MPH after Namine was done, after which I had a severe allergic reaction. Half of my face swelled up to resemble one of the mutants from The Hills Have Eyes, so it was at that point when Jessica suggested that we go home.


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