Zoo A La Carte

We spent the day at the zoo!

We haven’t been to the Milwaukee Zoo in a hot minute, but we were happy to join my parents (with Namine’s cousin!) for their “A La Carte” event. That’s where they have a ton of food vendors, so walking around the zoo is all about seeing the animals and trying a bunch of different foods.

A favorite stop for the girls was the petting zoo, where they fed some goats. Namine has gotten mixed results from goats before. (They have found her wheelchair tasty in the past.) These goats were relatively tame, however, and did not try to climb up or eat anything that was not meant to be their food.

We also stopped so the girls could get airbrush tattoos. Namine’s cousin got a rose with a heart, while Namine herself got a leaf transforming into birds.

We made sure to stop by the hippos, as we did in Cincinnati. This hippo would not turn around, so please enjoy this shot of its butt.

We saw very many other animals, included (but not limited to) the big cats, the small mammals (the bats are still my favorite), elephants, giraffes, otters, and plenty of birds — in exhibits and roaming free in the zoo.

The day was hot and by this point we were getting close to feeling all done at the zoo. Before we left, though, we wanted to check out the animatronic Ice Age exhibit. Those are pictured below. I don’t have any video to prove it — so you’ll have to take my word for it — but all the animals moved and made noises. My favorite was the giant armadillo. (I also found that the saber-toothed tiger looked quite similar to Gmork from The Neverending Story.)

As we made our way back to the zoo’s entrance, we passed by the penguins. Some of them were lazing about, but some of them were actively waddling back and forth on the rocks. I forgot how smelly they are. Thankfully, that isn’t conveyed in our pictures.

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