Bear Den Farm, again

We went back to Bear Den Farm and Petting Zoo for a school field trip.

Just a couple weeks ago, we visited Bear Den Farm for a family weekend outing. We came back again, this time for a school field trip. (Namine attends school virtually, but once or twice a month they organize in-person field trips. This was one of those.)

Before we even arrived, the first thing Namine asked to do was hold a kitten again. She was even able to do more: they also let her hold a baby rabbit. (Last time there was a rabbit for petting, but it was too large to hold. This rabbit was smaller.)

We passed by the baby goats and llamas this time, and headed for the baby deer and lemur. Namine’s wheelchair continues to be a spectacle for the animals; like the goats, the deer sniffed, licked, and tasted it. One attempted to sample Namine’s foot too, which set her to giggling.

The baby lemur, Bindy, was also out. Ever social, she hopped from person to person. She stayed a bit longer on Jessica and Namine — although she licked neither one of them this time — but even I was hopped on for a bit.

On our way to the exit, we did stop at the baby goats, llamas, and calf. We didn’t have any food for them, but Namine wanted to pet them all the same. As usual, the goats climbed all around her wheelchair. She wasn’t allowed to enter the calf’s enclosure, but she was happy to say goodbye to her all the same.

As we headed toward the parking lot, we noticed a baby alligator. Yes, a baby alligator in Wisconsin! As long as the weather is nice, he is allowed to be outside — but don’t worry, he is still kept inside a cage. (If not, he might see the zoo’s free-roaming chickens as his own personal buffet.)

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