Free day at the zoo

Namine and her cousin had a great time at the zoo!

Going to the zoo was a last-minute decision on our part. Jessica’s sister gave us a call asking if we wanted to join them. It was a free day at the zoo — meaning tickets were free — so they’d decided to go.

The last time Namine and I were at the zoo, we didn’t get a chance to see the small mammal house. Since there was no plan to see anything in particular, that’s where we headed (where the bats live, which is no coincidence). The small mammal house was also the furthest away from the entrance, so we saw plenty of other animals on the way.

Aside from the animals — some of whom were inside buildings, since it was so cold — we also saw the remnants of the Halloween decorations. There were pumpkins, haunted houses (but not ones we could go inside), ghosts, cobwebs, and more.

We also came across other kinds of decorations, like candy corn gardens, even giant candy corns (which Namine, ever the silly one, pretended to eat).

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