Shooting baskets

Namine can do something this week that she couldn’t do even just last week.

Namine has been working on throwing the ball up to the basket since she started playing. As her speed has improved, so has her throwing. This weekend’s practice saw her finally succeed in making a basket. And not just one — she made seven in a row.

In previous two-on-two scrimmages, Namine has played support to her partner, who in turn would shoot the baskets. Now that she can make baskets (at the smaller hoop, at least), she’s no longer limited to that.

That’s not to downplay the importance of support roles in a team sport like basketball. Namine still enjoys that too, and her long wheelchair gives her a unique advantage in blocking her opponents — which she uses to great effect.

Even against two players, Namine’s maneuvering has improved.

It’s pretty common for basketball practice to close with playing Sharks & Minnows. Namine always enjoys herself amidst the chaos of wheels and screaming children. More often than not, she’s one of the louder ones. 

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