Trick or treating

Namine and I had fun trick or treating around our neighborhood. She showed that there are more important things than candy. ?

When I got home from work, Jessica was helping Namine put the finishing touches on her costume. Namine was going as a bee like earlier this month, but this time with the antenna that she’d forgotten at Stein’s. She had her wand in hand and matching American Girl. I was already in my costume, such as it was — I had dressed as Freddie Mercury. So with that, we were ready to go!

We started out by going down the row of apartments attached to our own building. There were more apartment buildings that belonged to our complex, but first Namine wanted to visit the old folks’ home up the hill and across the street.

This visit wasn’t about candy. Namine explained to me:

“When Grandma was too sick to live at home anymore, we visited her as much as we could. But not everybody has family or friends to visit them. I think they might get lonely, so I would like to go cheer them up.”

I’m sure Namine could have stayed and talked to them, but a line of trick or treaters had followed us up the hill. So we moved along, going back to our apartment complex and onto some other houses in the subdivision.

Despite the fact that we didn’t stay out too long — it was cold and Namine gets sick easily — she still brought in a pretty good haul. That was of little concern to her, though. She took note of the candy she’d received that she knew Jessica and I liked, and made sure we knew she wanted those set aside for us.

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