Trick or treating

Holy late post, Batman! I meant to post about Halloween a while ago, but we’ve been kept busy with sickness and doctor appointments. So here, finally, I’ve finished writing about when we went trick or treating. (All things considered, I’m glad I was able to get the post out within a month of it happening.)

On Halloween night, all three of us went trick or treating. Namine was proudly wearing her Ladybug Fairy Princess costume (so named because it had elements of all three, each equally important). I had nothing special, so I used the old fallback: black jeans and a trench coat. Jessica rubber-banded, pinned, and clipped Tastefully Simple pamphlets and samples to herself.

Because the city we live in is nuts, trick or treating, for us, was Monday night (okay, fine, it was the 31st), but for everybody else it was Sunday (which, in my opinion, made more sense). But whatever. It was a little on the cold side, so we didn’t stay out very long. We stayed out long enough, though, to hit up the apartments in our building – though not many actually handed out candy, several either weren’t home themselves or were pretending – and a few houses down the road.

Jessica and I took turns pushing Namine in her wheelchair. Normally, Namine would push herself, but it was dark. Besides, she had something more important to do – hold onto her pumpkin-shaped candy bucket. Most of the people who answered mistook Namine for a baby, but I can understand that, given her small size. She looked even smaller in her puffy costume, sitting in a chair twice as wide as she. But Namine was polite as ever, saying “Trick or treat!” and holding out her basket. (It actually took her a few doors before she was comfortable saying it loud enough for people to hear. She’s a chatterbox, but only to people she knows. In that regard, she’s much like Jessica and myself.) Namine was good enough to tell us when she wanted to go in. “Haha, I’m code.” (I knew she meant “cold,” not that she was made of cryptographic symbols.) Well, like I said, it wasn’t exactly warm out. So we walked back to our apartment and warmed up to a nice dinner together, just the three of us.

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  1. And boy oh boy did She want candy. But she got mostly fruit snacks. But we all had a great night.

  2. Michele Eiche Avatar
    Michele Eiche

    Should of taken her to great grandma’s! They would have loved seeing her!

  3. “I knew she meant “cold,” not that she was made of cryptographic symbols.”

    I’ll be laughing about this for hours.

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