Tossing cookies

I’m not talking about juggling confectionary treats, nosirree. We suspect that Namine has caught a bug of some kind, possibly flu. It is her bad luck – and ours – that she needed to throw up when we had only one spare set of clothes, and on a day of multiple clinic appointments.

Pushing back the infection

Yesterday Namine had another ENT appointment, once again to suck out her ear. But this time it wasn’t just the right ear – both had to be taken care of, but it’s not all bad. The process sucks, but it’s for the best.

Persistent infection

We paid a visit to the ENT clinic yesterday, in order to see whether Namine’s ear infection had cleared up yet. It hasn’t. As a bonus, Namine had a panic attack in the clinic, too.

A visit to ENT

Namine’s sinus and ear infections are not getting any better. She coughed nearly all night last night, and so today we paid a visit to the ENT clinic to have her ear suctioned and a nasal culture taken. You can imagine how that went.

Ear infection again, again

Namine has another ear infection. So once again, she’s on ear drops – though this time, it’s her right ear that’s infected. It must not be as painful as the last time. Namine hasn’t complained of her ear hurting; Jessica noticed some drainage, so she took her in to see the pediatrician.

Ear tubes and therapy

So Namine has been fighting this cold, cough – whatever it is – for a few days now. Since Friday, I think. She’s been seen by a doctor a few times; both at the pediatrician’s office and the Quick Care (or whatever it’s called) – because on Sunday, the pediatrician’s is closed. Each time, we have feared ear infection.

Congestion snot fun

You’ll have to excuse the bad pun, it’s been kind of a long day for me. I had originally intended to talk about Namine’s school orientation today, but her sudden fever, congestion, and croup had other plans.

Appointments lately

Namine had an appointment at the ENT clinic the other day. The news was not surprising, and not very alarming, either. Namine still has an ear infection in her left ear, but thankfully it is only still in her left ear. We’ve already got ear drops, though, so we’ll be giving those to her until tomorrow. The other appointment she had was yesterday, meeting with Dr. Black – our new orthopedic surgeon – in order to determine how to rectify Dr. Thometz’s screwups.

Ear infection

Namine has an ear infection again. Unfortunately, she seems prone to them, especially given that she has pool therapy every week. But it’s a necessary thing, seeing as it was pool therapy that has helped her gain flexibility in her knees and strength in her legs. It was also thanks to pool therapy that she now loves the water as much as she does. I suppose we’ll have to get her used to wearing ear plugs or something.

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