You’ll have to excuse the bad pun, it’s been kind of a long day for me. I had originally intended to talk about Namine’s school orientation today, but her sudden fever, congestion, and croup had other plans.

This morning I got a call at work from Jessica – who is now a Tastefully Simple consultant, and had a fundraiser to go to – telling me that Namine woke up this morning sick. Not just sick, but sick. Her nose was completely plugged up, she kept sneezing and needing to blow her nose, she thought she had a fever (but hadn’t yet had the chance to take her temp), and she sounded like she might be coming down with the croup again. Oh boy.

So I called the pediatrician and made an appointment, which was thankfully quite early, so we could get her in sooner. I left work – which my boss was none too happy about as it’s crunch time for one of the bigger projects I’m working on, but he understood nonetheless – and met my mom at the apartment. I was just in time to say goodbye to Jessica, who was leaving for her Tastefully Simple fundraiser, and leave with Mom and Namine.

Despite being congested, Namine was in quite a good – and talkative – mood. She only gets quiet when she’s really sick. She must not have been feeling too bad, because when I asked her how she was feeling, she said “I’m fine, Haha.”

Trying a different approach, I asked, “Are you sick?”

“No, Haha, I’m Namine!”

Smart-aleck kid.

But in all seriousness, Namine was positively cheery. When we arrived at the pediatrician’s office, she declared, “I’m at the doctor’s!” (She mispronounces words more often when she’s under stress. “Doctor” becomes “gockor,” and so on, but her enunciation was spot-on today.) She was more than happy to oblige the nurse by holding up her arm for taking her temperature; she even told the nurse on which finger to take her pulseox.

Her temperature was 99 – but add a degree for under the arm, so it was really 100. Yeah, we figured she had a fever. At least it’s not a bad one. Her O2 was a little low – but that’s to be expected, given that she’s sick. Still, 87 ain’t bad, not for a three year old post-Glen. Dr. Camarda would be impressed. Her heart rate was high, too, about 130 – she’s normally around 105 – also to be expected while she’s sick.

The doctor looked in Namine’s ears, and much to our relief, found no drainage or sign of infection. (Dodged a bullet there, we did.) Croup is a possibility, so she gave her a dose of adrenaline to help keep her on the up and up and sent her home. We did also get a scrip for an antibiotic, but we’re not to use it yet. We’ll just hold onto it for a while, because croup is usually caused by a virus, not bacteria.

After the appointment, I had to go back to work. (“Why Haha go back to work?”) Believe me, I didn’t want to. But Namine got to go over to her gramma’s house, and she loves playing with my mom’s cats. I expected that her fever will lesson over the course of the night, as they usually do, and it did. Before putting Namine to bed, her temperature was 98.5.

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