School orientation

Today is Namine’s school orientation day.

I’m stuck here at work, but I wish I was with my little love. So in lieu of being able to tell you about that (Jessica will fill me in later, I’m sure), I’ll share some pictures I took of Namine at the chocolate store.

Never one to be content with only a little chocolate, she couldn’t decide what she wanted. She’s so cute.

Namine is so expressive, and she always tells us precisely what she wants. And she never says “I want…” when she wants something. The other day when I was getting Jessica some ice water, Namine looked at me and said, “Haha, I’d like a drink too, peese.” I love that. Not “I want” but “I’d like,” and it’s not just water – it’s a drink. My daughter is the Frasier of three year olds. Wait until they get a load of her in school. Three word sentences? Please.

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