School orientation

We attended the orientation for Namine’s school year.

Last year, orientation was six hours away, in Medford, Wisconsin, where the Rural Virtual Academy is located. This year, the RVA hosted an orientation a little closer to home — just over an hour and a half away, which is much more manageable.

Jessica and I took notes while Namine drew in her notepad. This was mostly for the parents, but the times that the principal did address the kids, Namine was more than happy to contribute her two cents. When I answered a question posed to the parents/guardians/educators, Namine patted me on the shoulder. “Good one, Daddy!”

Jessica and Namine had gone through most of the curriculum already, having been pretty excited (and nervous) to do so when it arrived at our door. It’s always good to get the official word from the school’s own teachers, though.

As the orientation came to a close, the kids all got to pick a hat and a bag. I think Namine’s hat was pink, but being colorblind, I can’t be sure.

Namine made sure to give goodbye hugs to both her RVA teachers before we left.

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