Namine has another ear infection. So once again, she’s on ear drops – though this time, it’s her right ear that’s infected. It must not be as painful as the last time. Namine hasn’t complained of her ear hurting; Jessica noticed some drainage, so she took her in to see the pediatrician.

We went to a stir-fry place, BD’s Mongolian Grill, for dinner tonight (although, being 1:20 in the morning now, I suppose I should say last night). Namine’s appetite hasn’t been the best lately – from being sick from one thing or another – but that didn’t stop her from stuffing her face.

The antibiotic Namine was on wasn’t really working, so now she’s on something else. This one needs to be taken with some food, so before bedtime, I introduced Namine to Fig Newtons. I had thought that she would have just a couple, and then I’d brush her teeth and put her to bed. Silly Paul. Namine ate half a dozen of them and wanted more when I cut her off. (It was a Fig Newton intervention!)


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