Trick or treating

We fought through the cold and snow for the poorest candy haul yet. We still had fun though! ??

Namine had planned on going trick or treating as a zombie, but all day it snowed. We had already said that if it was too cold and snowy, she couldn’t go out. We ended up changing our minds, but I’ll get to that.

? See that? That’s what the weather was like pretty much all day. We felt we had to cancel on our friend Susan — who goes by Suzie Sparkles when she does face painting gigs. She understood, and had pretty much anticipated it, given how quickly the snow was piling up.

So of course when I got home from work, it had stopped snowing. There was still snow on the ground, of course, but pushing Namine’s wheelchair through the snow had never been a problem before. What was a problem, however, was Namine’s lack of a costume, now that we’d decided once again that she could go trick or treating.

We settled on an easy and old favorite: the crazy cat lady. Jessica had even done it before, so we got out the rollers, makeup, and bundled Namine up in several layers and a bathrobe.

Namine and I headed out into the cold. And it was cold! We’d originally planned on going around our apartment complex, but we only visited a few doors before heading up to the rehab center up the road.

Every Halloween, Namine makes it a point to visit the rehab center. It’s mostly elderly folks there, and they’re usually happy to see her — but not this year. This year, there was almost no one in the lounge area. So we wished the few people that were there a happy Halloween, and went back home.

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