Wrist pain

Namine thought her wrist was broken, so we brought her in. Thankfully, it isn’t broken, but it is likely sprained.

On Sunday, Namine complained that her wrist was hurting. She suspected that it was broken, but we told her to wait until Monday. If it still hurt, we’d make an appointment to bring her in.

We know from experience that bringing Namine into an Urgent Care or the ER is an exercise in futility. We’ve brought her in before and ended up with false diagnoses, only to be later corrected by Dr. Brian Black, her foot surgeon and bone specialist. He’s done the most with her feet, having done her second club foot corrective surgery, but he also advises on her scoliosis and other bone-related issues, including breaks in both her legs and arms.

So we brought Namine in, fully expecting that she had another broken bone — or bones, since there are a lot of little ones in the wrist. Namine had originally said that she wanted me to come back with her, but when the time came, she decided to go back with the X-ray technician on her own. (It’s certainly not her first rodeo, after all.)

To our surprise — albeit a good kind of surprise — the X-rays showed that Namine’s wrist was not broken, only sprained. Dr. Black advised her to take it easy, which is no easy feat since she uses her arms for locomotion. We do have a wrist brace, however; wearing that will help to stabilize Namine’s wrist until the pain recedes.

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