Halloween party

We headed up to my sister-in-law’s house for a Halloween party and trick or treating! ?


Before kicking off the festivities, we had some pre-party party food: taco dip and chips, deviled eggs, and punch. There was nothing spooky about the taco dip, I’m afraid, other than the fact that it disappeared far too quickly. The eggs were molded — or attempted to be — to look like brains. (That was Namine’s very specific request.) The punch, cranberry and ginger ale, had a block of ice in it which looked like a hand.

Pumpkin carving

Jessica, Namine, and I had gotten our pumpkins at the beginning of the month. We left them uncarved so they didn’t spoil, and now we were really glad we hadn’t. We brought them with us to carve up at Melissa’s.

It might look like Namine is carving her own, little pumpkin, but she wasn’t. Her pumpkin was the largest of any of them, so she needed a little help with it. In turn, she helped Jessica with her tiny pumpkin.

After everyone was done carving their pumpkins, we put them on the front porch for the neighborhood to see.

Trick or treating

When it was close to the start of trick or treating, we all got into our costumes. There were a couple Trolls (the glittery kind, not the hide-under-bridges kind), bacon and eggs, and some less silly, more macabre: I was a plague doctor, Namine was a vampire, and Jessica was a victim of both.

We spent a little more than an hour trick or treating. Namine had initially planned on wheeling herself, but her red satin-y gloves were pretty slippery and made it too difficult. Instead, she held her candy bag while I pushed her.

Most houses handed out candy the traditional way, but we came to one house that had a clever little social distancing setup. They had a small-ish PVC pipe so they could drop candy down to kids without getting close.

Clever and easy, but sometimes the candy got stuck. ?‍♂️

Spooky dinner

The neighborhood trick or treating went on for two hours, but Namine wanted to call it sooner than that. It was getting colder and windier, and while we were wearing layers, we also weren’t dressed for a winter evening. (It was much warmer in the afternoon.) So we came in and cleaned up — as best we could, since Namine’s scary face paint didn’t come off completely — while adults made dinner.

Dinner, as you might guess, was spooky themed. We had skull pizzas and pigs in a blanket. I think the original plan was to have mummy dogs (which we’ve had before) but there was only so much time. They still tasted good. Afterward we had cupcakes with little plastic bat rings, which Namine and her cousin enjoyed wearing after they’d licked the frosting off.

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