StoneFire Pizza

Namine and her friends from ballet class spent the afternoon at StoneFire Pizza.

StoneFire Pizza is a place not unlike Dave & Busters, but more geared towards kids. They have a buffet with pizza, tacos, and more; and a wide selection of video games. We and a bunch of Namine’s friends spent the better part of the afternoon there after dance.

There are things at StoneFire that a kid in a wheelchair can’t do, like rock climbing* and the “ninja warrior” obstacle course. There are still plenty of things that Namine could do, however, some requiring my help and some not.

The thing Namine was most excited about was the bumper cars. She hasn’t gotten to go since our Florida vacation five years ago, so she was quite thrilled.

I had already planned on carrying Namine out to the bumper car. She could very well have transferred herself from her wheelchair to the car, but my carrying her would speed up the process for everyone else. As it turned out, her wheelchair was too wide to even make it through the gate.

After Namine was done, she asked me, “You know why I like bumper cars, Daddy?”

I admitted I didn’t know.

“Because you can crash into people and not get in trouble!”

Well, that makes sense.

I’m pretty sure that was the highlight for her, but there was plenty more that Namine could do. There were games like Flappy Bird (only it wasn’t called that, I forget what it was), Connect Four, and even throwing games that she could just roll right up to.

Other games required me to pick Namine up and move her. She loves to ride the VR-like rides that simulate roller coasters, so between Jessica and myself I think the three of us took turns riding that one a half dozen times. (Personal note: don’t ride that if you have a bad back. It didn’t seem to bother Namine’s scoliosis, however.)

Namine loves roller coasters — real ones. But she has a heart defect, so the number of real rides she can go on is severely limited. There was a smallish ride there that she could go on, so we did.

* Namine has done rock climbing before at a friend’s birthday party, so it can be done. Unfortunately, the harness she tried there hurt her hips and legs. She does want to try it again, but it would be more suited for Team Up for Camp (which is specifically geared for kids with disabilities) rather than at a busy place like StoneFire Pizza.

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