Art camp, week 2

Namine’s second week of art camp has concluded. She had a blast!

When we enrolled Namine in two weeks of art camp, we gave her the choice of what kind to participate in. The first, called “Teen Camp,” was a bit of a melting pot, including drawing and painting with several different mediums (even coffee). The second was “Ceramics,” which you can probably tell involves sculpting and pottery. (Namine’s enthusiasm for this latter class was part of the reason she asked for pottery gifts for her birthday.)

Throughout the week, Namine has enthusiastically told us all about the things she’s been making in class. Such things include a habitat diorama with a lion and deer, a story pizza, and butterflies. Those butterflies (far right) were originally bowls that didn’t quite turn out. Rather than be wasteful, the students turned the larger misfire into smaller successes. (A proper Bob Ross attitude if ever I heard one!)

What is a story pizza, you ask? As Namine explained it to us, it’s a story, visually told through sculpture, placed on top of triangular slices of “pizza” (which are also sculpture, not really pizza lest you be tempted to eat it). The story Namine told through sculpture is the story of her birth and baptism.

Namine has thoroughly enjoyed the past two weeks of art classes at Otto’s Fine Art Academy. We’re thankful that they are an inclusive and accessible art studio, having welcomed Namine and included her in everything the classes have done.

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