DIY craft camp

Namine spent the week at an art camp where she made crafts using odds and ends.

Namine enjoyed going to art camp at Otto’s Fine Art Academy so much last year that when we asked if she’d like to do it again, of course she said yes. Like last year, we enrolled her in two different week-long classes. The two she took last year were Teen Camp, which was a little bit of everything; and Ceramics, a sculpture class. This first week-long class was called “DIY Craft Camp,” which is exactly like it sounds — making crafts with miscellaneous objects.

Namine was out sick on Wednesday; she was still recovering from her second Covid vaccine, so she initially missed out on weaving a basket with the rest of her classmates. Since the last session was intended for finishing up any remaining projects, she was able to make it during that time.

Namine had a lot of fun making a wide variety of things during this class. She was happy to show them off to us on the last day, before we packed up everything she made to bring it home. Namine insisted to know our favorites — Jessica’s favorite is the pointillism owl, while mine is the flower collage.

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