Art camp, week one

Namine had a lot of fun at art camp!

Several months ago, we signed Namine up for a couple week-long art camps at Otto’s Fine Art Academy. The first was called “Teen Camp,” which is not really descriptive at all. It’s a pretty all-encompassing class, including drawing and painting with several different mediums.

At the end of the week, each student was able to showcase their work for family — both their own and other students’. Due to COVID-19 and social distancing requirements, only a few people were allowed into the art studio at a time.

Namine enjoyed working with a variety of mediums. She drew a scene with sheep in oil pastels, painted a bird in watercolor, and bears in coffee. (Yes, coffee.)

She also created a wire sculpture of a cat, made a collage of her fingerprint, and built a boat out of wood and canvas. The boat she named “Spring Sunshine Love.” She explained to us that the colors she used each represented a part of the boat’s name: green for spring, yellow for sunshine, and red for love.

Jessica and I continued around the art gallery, looking at other students’ creations. Namine stayed by her own to show them off to other people.