Sculpture camp

Namine spent the week at an art camp where she made sculptures using found objects.

Namine’s enthusiasm seems to be in physical art lately. Last week she attended a crafting art camp, and this week she attended a sculpture camp. Unlike the ceramics camp she enrolled in last year, however, this sculpture class focused on using discarded or found objects.

Thankfully, the kid did not go dumpster diving for said objects (not that I have any room to talk; in our youth my brother and I were not above such things). The teachers provided all the supplies, and depending on the kids’ individual schedules, they even let them bring them home.

On that note, Namine did end up bringing some supplies home because she had to miss part of Wednesday’s class. She worked on building a robot Tuesday evening (she later changed her mind and decided it was an alien).

Namine enjoyed herself quite a lot in this art class. It was a bit unconventional, which I think was part of the appeal. There was a little bit of everything: drawing, painting, and definitely lots of gluing. This was evident with not only her alien, but also with a puppet, diorama, and paper sculpture.

All these things were fairly obvious in what they were, but one — to me, anyway — defied explanation. It was a board on which a wide variety of objects were glued. Namine described it as a 3D “I spy”: the goal was to try to identify as many unique objects as possible.

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