Late birthday cake

Namine finally got the birthday cake she asked for.

We’re a week late in doing so, but we finally made Namine the birthday cake she originally asked for. Well, not originally — that would have been some sort of zombie-themed cake — but after deciding that a global pandemic might not be the appropriate time for a zombie-themed birthday party, she decided on rainbows and unicorns.

We did not, unfortunately, get around to making her a custom cake for either of her birthday celebrations. Now that things have calmed down around the apartment, Jessica baked what Namine asked for: an angel food cake with rainbow frosting and glitter.

We all agreed that your typical frosting would have been a bit too heavy for angel food cake, so instead Jessica colored some whipped cream. The colors were avocado, coral red, and deep pink. (Thankfully, “avocado” was merely the name, and not the flavor, of the color. I love avocado, but I draw the line at avocado-flavored cake.) We had picked up some edible glitter — in similar colors to the frosting: avocado, crimson, and baby pink — prior to Namine’s birthday but not had the chance to use them; we put them to good use here.

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