Back to tennis

Namine enjoyed returning to tennis practice!

It was a fairly cloudy day for Namine’s first day back to tennis practice. Even so, it was very hot — made all that much hotter since we had to wear our face masks, being around other people. That said, we were still able to maintain a pretty safe distance. Namine only worked with one coach for almost the entire practice.

It’s been a while since Namine has had tennis practice, but she didn’t seem to out of sorts. She blew right through her coach’s drills of forehand and backhand, eager to do more. Her coach was willing to oblige her, having her next practice with a moving ball, forcing her to wheel towards it, return it over the net, and so on.

Near the end of practice, Namine and I paired up for a game of doubles with two adults. In the past when we’ve done this, Namine has remained pretty stationary and hit balls that come directly to her, leaving me to run around the court for the rest. Not so this time. This time, she was turning to hit forehand and backhand, and wheeling herself all over with racket in hand. Her practice with a moving target had clearly paid off.

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